problems raleigh homeowners have with their roofs

One of the most critical parts of your home is the roof. Not only does it keep you covered, but it also protects your home from structural damage. Because roofs are constantly exposed to the elements, they are prone to a multitude of problems. 

From tiny leaks to overwhelming holes and shingles lifted off in storms, there’s no shortage of issues that can strike your roof at any time. Some of these problems are caused by splitting and shrinking, tree damage, lousy ventilation, bad gutters, or small animals.

Depending on geographical location, some roofs will be more likely to incur damage than others. In areas of the country with high snowfall, homeowners should always choose materials that can withstand the region’s weather patterns. 

Here in North Carolina, the climate is much different than that of Washington or Arizona. The environment in Raleigh forces homeowners to take various precautions and use different roofing materials than those in other regions. 

Today, we’ll briefly explore the three most common problems Raleigh homeowners face with their roofs. 

1) Missing Shingles

With the intense storms we periodically experience in Raleigh, it should come as no surprise that roofs around here often lose shingles. Shingle tabs can be torn or broken, or an entire set of shingles can be ripped clean off the roof—but strong winds aren’t the only perpetrators. Small animals like squirrels and raccoons can cause damage to your shingles as they try to burrow in as well. 

2) Punctures

Different events can cause holes and punctures in your home’s roof. Animals trying to get into the warm house can tear right through the roof while falling tree limbs and other debris kicked up by storms can easily cause severe damage too. On other occasions, the damage might not be quite so severe, but it can still create problems inside the home. 

You first need to establish where the puncture in the roof is and temporarily cover it with a tarp. Be sure you secure the tarp to the roof to prevent further damage. A puncture in a roof is not a small problem even if it appears that way. If you notice a hole in your roof, even a seemingly small one, you need to call a roofing professional to repair it.

3) Flashing Damage 

Many homes in Raleigh have chimneys and other rooftop objects. These features are not covered with roofing materials, but they still need protection in some way. 

The material used by roofers in these places is called flashing. If you’ve ever seen the material that lines the base of a chimney or a skylight, that’s flashing. Flashing keeps water from getting into the space between the shingles and the rooftop object. When not intact, water can seep in and cause damage to the roof.

While many home repairs can be easily carried out by the homeowner, roofing repairs can often be dangerous. Repairing a problem with a roof should only be performed by a trained professional, and we have plenty of those in our friendly team here at Apal Roofing Company. Give us a call today on (919) 274-7450, and we’ll come to assess any damage and give you a free estimate.

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