09/26/2020: Severe Thunderstorms Shake Up Wake County

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Wake County was shaken up late September by a bout of severe thunderstorms sweeping through the area. Multiple severe thunderstorm warnings were issued for the area the night of the 25th.


Storm Approaches

An intense storm was first noted near Sanford and was reported to be moving at a speed of about 35mph. As the storms moved closer to Wake County, reports of golf ball-sized hail flooded the National Weather Service. People were warned to stay indoors and if possible, on the lowest floor of their building.

The severe thunderstorm brought with it major hail fall, rain, wind speeds of about 60mph and lightning across the county. The natural phenomenon caused trees to topple over and major power outages in the north-westerly parts of Raleigh.


Hail Damage Reported

Some damage to private property was reported, including falling trees damaging the rooftops of some residential homes as well as their vehicles. The storm also managed to cause a blockage in Leesville Road, the same area where the rooftops were damaged, and a power outage along the Interstate 540.


Possible Tornado

Some residents noted the intense and slightly scary sounds of the wind on the night of the 25th. Many thought that it might have been a small tornado passing through, however, this was disputed by local meteorologists.

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