4 Ways to Keep Your Roof Replacement Project on BudgetIf you’ve been doing your research you’ll know by now that a roof replacement project does not come cheap. It’s a process that will take some serious planning and budgeting. At the same time, it’s easy for homeowners to lose sight of the initial scope of work and the budget allocated, which is why it’s important to keep a close eye throughout the project, along with your roofing contractor.

As professional roofing service providers, Apal Roofing sees this all too often in Atlanta, GA, so here we offer some tips to keep your roof replacement project right on budget.


Do your research

Homeowners will have a budget to start with, but this can be optimised better when you know all the options available to you. These can vary greatly so it’s important to do the necessary research first. For example, the type of roof, roofing material, add-on features etc will ultimately help you determine how much your roofing project will set you back. 


Shop around

Don’t restrict yourself to only getting an estimate from one supplier. Feel free to shop around to ncuge what a good deal for your home’s needs actually looks like. Also bear in mind to compare costs with quality too. If an estimate comes in much lower than the rest, be suspicious. If it’s too good to be true, if probably isn’t. During this stage it is also vital to be very clear about your requirements and preferences so that roofing contractors can provide an estimate that is as accurate as possible. 


Avoid back and forth

To emphasise the above point, make your goals clear from the outset in order to avoid back and forth during the actual roof replacement process. Adding on requests mid-way through the project not only frustrates suppliers, but may significantly add on to the cost of the completed project, as well create delays. Consider that some work may have to redone, and new components orders at a moment’s notice. These changes do not come cheap. 


Set aside an emergency fund

As your roofing contractor gets into the project, some additional repair work may be discovered. Make sure you have about an additional 10-25% of the total project cost saved in case of situations like this. This may also allow you room for changes should you really need to adjust things during the process. 

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