interesting facts about asphalt shingle roofing systems

Your roof is arguably one of the most critical parts of your house. Not only does it shield your home and belongings from the weather, but it also helps with climate control. Roofs can also serve up an additional architectural aesthetic to your home. 

Although roofing systems are vital, many homeowners know little about them. If that sounds like you, take the time to get to know your home, including your roof. Being aware of these prominent features helps you make smart decisions when it’s time to tackle home improvement projects. 

It’s highly likely your home has an asphalt roof. Nearly 80% of all residential homes in the United States are covered with this material. We think homeowners should know at least a little bit about the materials that keep them warm and dry. Here are five interesting facts about asphalt shingle roofing systems.

1) What Are Asphalt Shingles Made Of?

There are two distinct varieties of asphalt shingles in use:

  • Organic shingles
  • Fiberglass shingles

When roofers began using asphalt shingles on homes, they used only organic shingles. These original shingles were made from pieces of felt paper soaked in asphalt. Up until the 1960s, some manufacturers used asbestos in their shingles to enhance their fire-resistance. Needless to say, organic shingles aren’t commonplace anymore.

Most modern asphalt shingles are made from fiberglass. These shingles are created from a woven mat of fiberglass covered in asphalt, after which they’re covered in a layer of tiny pieces of ceramic. Today’s shingles are lightweight and durable, not to mention much eco-friendlier.

2) Are There Different Kinds of Shingles?

There are different types of shingles. One of the most popular varietals is the laminated shingle. Roofing contractors have an easier time installing these due to how they’re manufactured. Homeowners like them because they provide more texture and depth to the roof than other types of shingles.

3) How Are Asphalt Shingles Attached to My Home?

Different roofing companies have different preferences. Some roofers prefer to attach each shingle by hand using a hammer and a nail. Other roofing professionals choose to use a pneumatic nail gun to attach shingles to the home. 

4) How Do Asphalt Shingles Improve My Home’s Energy Efficiency?

Asphalt shingles tend to absorb a lot of heat from the sun, so many people mistakenly believe they are not energy efficient. However, most modern shingles can reflect heat, helping your home stay cooler during the hot summer months.

5) What Happens to Old Asphalt Shingles?

Asphalt shingles can easily be recycled and turned into material for paving streets. Recycling 2,000 pounds of asphalt shingles prevents one barrel of oil from being wasted, which makes it an environmentally conscious choice.

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