common summer roofing problems in Atlanta, GA

When it comes to roofing, each passing season brings about different challenges to this critical component of your home. Summer can be especially hard on your home’s roof, as various issues arise from the heat. We’ve compiled a list of the most common challenges your roof might face this summer.

Summer Sun

The sun can damage many things, including your roof. This happens through prolonged exposure to damaging UV rays as well as the heat relentlessly beating down.

  • UV Damage: The sun’s UV rays penetrate your roof and cause the materials to decay. UV rays amplify the magnitude of any other damage to your roof, as well.
  • Heat: Most roofing materials are manufactured with oils in them to ensure flexibility and adaptability through the seasons. Unfortunately, the heat from the sun sucks dries the oil from the roofing material, and this causes damage to the chemicals that weatherproof your roof. As the chemicals degrade, your roofing material will start to deteriorate.


Mischievous animals love to get into people’s attics and make homes for themselves. They usually accomplish this by gaining access through the roof. Since every homeowner wants to avoid this nuisance, it makes sense to deny animals from gaining access in the first place. 

Keeping your tree limbs trimmed will help deter squirrels and raccoons from causing damage. Ensuring the gutters are cleaned out should keep unwanted birds away. Not only will accomplishing these tasks deter furry troublemakers, but timely maintenance will also help keep your roof in better shape overall.


Georgia is no stranger to summer storms, and these storms can wreak havoc on roofing. Strong winds can pull off roof shingles and tiles, allowing the rain to seep in and cause damage. Storms can also cause significant damage to nearby trees. Many a Marietta homeowner has woken after a night of storms to find a favorite tree is now taking up residence in their kitchen! 


Summer is a time of growth, but this is not a good thing for your roof. During the summer, moisture and heat form an environment that encourages organisms like moss and algae to grow. Should your roof fall prey to these, the roofing materials and structure will quickly incur damage.


While ventilation is vital year-round, many people neglect to take proper precautions over the summer. This is a big mistake. Allowing moisture to build up inside your attic can create mayhem with the structure of your roof and cause damage to your insulation.


At the beginning of the season, you should conduct a visual inspection to look for any problems starting to manifest. Damage to the roof can also create chaos in the interior of your home, so it’s crucial to take care of problems as soon as they’re spotted.  

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