hailstorm damages homes in Marietta GA

In May of 2019, significant parts of the Triangle were hit by severe storms. School buses ran off the road, trees were ripped from the ground, and a Walmart was forced to close after sustaining damage. Even cars had windows broken out, and dozens of locals snatched photos and videos of the storm on their smartphones. 

After surveying the damage, the National Weather Service announced that a tornado was to blame for the mess left behind.

The storm wreaked havoc across Durham, Chapel Hill, and especially in Marietta. Homeowners incurred extensive destruction to their homes and had to take the necessary steps to repair it. Here at Apal Roofing Company, we have an experienced team of technicians fully primed to come out and investigate any damage to your roof. 

The severe storm that came through our area in May sure gave us a lot of work to do. Homeowners experienced abrasion caused by hail, wind, and other debris, leaving their roofs vulnerable and unable to provide shelter. Furthermore, when a home’s structural stability is compromised, immediate repairs are essential. 

  • Hail Damage: Hail can cause grave damage to roofs and, unfortunately, many people overlook this. Most types of roofing materials can crack and split as a result of hail. Rainwater will be able to seep in through these cracks causing further damage. Once the storm is over, and the sun is shining again, UV rays from the sun will provoke the degradation of your roofing material. 
  • Wind Damage: Damage from excessive wind is a common occurrence in Marietta. Storms are often accompanied by strong winds, which can rip entire shingles right off your home. When shingles go missing, this leaves areas completely exposed to subsequent deterioration from rain and the elements.
  • Damage from Debris: Storms like the one that raced through in May bring an abundance of debris with them. Tree branches, broken pieces of signs along with other bulky items, can do a real number on your roof. 

As we stated earlier, your roof is vital for protecting your home. Damage to your roof allows your home to be exposed to more inclement weather and damaging UV rays. Water will be able to leak into your home, spoiling ceilings and walls while allowing mold to set in. 

This water will also find its way to the wood in your home’s structure, which will compound the problems you’re facing. Beyond this, having a damaged roof makes it easier for animals and pests to make their way in and cause additional damage to your home. 

If your roof was damaged in May or by subsequent storms, you must survey the extent of it. The next step is to arrange for repairs promptly.  Get in touch with our experienced team at Apal Roofing Company today by dialing (770) 485-7988. Schedule your free estimate and allow us to fix any hailstorm damage to your roof.


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