Most Common Roofing Styles in Marietta

Marietta is a quaint, historic town in Cobb County, Georgia. Recognized as one of Georgia’s best-managed cities, Marietta’s leafy suburbs, lovely weather, and countryside aesthetic make the city a favorite among homeowners. Marietta is home to some of the most stylish and picturesque homes in the South. We at Apal Roofing pride ourselves in being the trusted roofing contractor behind many of these homes. As Marieta’s number one roofing contractor, let’s take a look at some of the more popular roofing styles in this historic town.


Metal roofing has progressed in leaps and bounds to become one of the most viable roofing options for Marietta homes. Not only is it extremely versatile, but it is also able to mimic the look and feel of most of the premium roofing alternatives, such as clay and slate for example. Its highly reflective properties make it an excellent energy-saving material. Metal will set you back more than asphalt shingles or flat roofs from the outset, but you’ll save in the long run thanks to its superior strength and durability.

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles roofs are the most common roofing type for good reason. They are affordable, durable, and incredibly versatile in terms of aesthetics. Certain types of shingles, like architectural shingles, allow for customization in a range of shapes and sizes. They are a common choice especially for sloped roofs and work well for traditional Marietta home styles. However, asphalt shingles do not enjoy as long a lifespan as tile or metal roofs and will likely need to be replaced in 20-30 years.

Tile Roofing

Nothing says luxury and style quite like a beautifully laid tile roof. Tile roofing is not only beautiful and aesthetically pleasing but is incredibly durable. Tile roofs are fire resistant and can withstand high temperatures like those experienced in Marietta. The tile roof also has a lifespan of about 100 years. These tiles are made from terracotta clay, ceramics, or concrete. It’s no wonder that these roofing tiles are a favorite among Marietta residents.

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