Here in Wilmington, we’re no strangers to stormy weather. Whether it’s thunderstorms or hurricanes, we’ve experienced it all. The Atlantic Hurricane Season spans from 1 June to 30 November; therefore, if you live in Wilmington or the surrounding areas, these are some of the best ways that you can prep your roof and home for the hurricane season:


Strong Roof Structures

A New Jersey Institute of Technology study has found the most resilient roof design for fierce hurricanes is the hip roof. This four-slope construction performs better than a two-slope gable, thanks to its added stability and strength; it’s no wonder that this style is used on many houses in hurricane-prone areas.

The researchers involved in the study noted that roofing systems with slopes at 30 degrees perform the best under hurricane conditions. Large overhangs are not recommended for homes in hurricane-prone areas, as these winds have a tremendous uplift force and can cause an entire failure of your home’s structure. The report recommends a maximum of 20-inch overhangs for those living near areas that experience frequent hurricanes due to their destructive power.


Install A Metal Roofing System

Metal roofing systems are renowned for their durability and weather resistance features. They’re made with a wind rating upwards of 140 mph. Thanks to their strength, should any trees or lamposts fall on your property during the storm, your metal roofing system will be able to soften its blow and prevent significant damage to your home.

Metal roofing systems are also capable of withstanding the forces of heavy rainfall as well as hailstorms. So should a hurricane pass through your city, your metal roof will most likely stay intact and protect your home from the storm.



Having a sturdy roof is vital for your home. Inspecting it before the hurricane season starts will give you insight into its condition and help you determine if it can make it through this stormy weather.

Make sure to check that there are no loose or missing shingles, leaks in any places of your house’s structure, broken gutters, or clogged downspouts – anything like these could leave you without proper protection from storms.

Apal Roofing Company in Wilmington will keep your roof protected from those nasty stormy weather conditions this year. So give the top-rated Wilmington roofing company a call today and let our expert team help you out!

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