The shingles on your roof can make or break the aesthetic appeal of a home. But which material is best? You need to know if it’ll hold up in your environment, how well it matches with other exterior features like brickwork and siding, and what quality materials are used by each brand. For more info about all three brands carry on reading as we unpack their respective qualities for you.



CertainTeed is one of the oldest shingle manufacturers in the United States. Established in 1904, the shingle company has earned the reputation of being a quality and reliable shingle manufacturer that has earned the trust of roofers and homeowners.

The company offers affordable and high-end shingles that provide homeowners with durability, longevity, and protection from the elements. Their Grand Manor range is one of their standout products; it has a Class A fire resistance, which is great for those who live in areas that experience frequent wildfires.

It also provides homeowners with roofing materials that have a 110 mph wind resistance as well as a 10-year SureStart warranty that provides 100% coverage against manufacturing defects.


Owens Corning

Owen Corning’s True Definition Duration Shingles have won over millions of homeowners across the country. The roofing material has a 130 mph wind resistance, a Class A fire resistance, and an algae-resistant coating.

This high-quality roofing material provides homeowners with exceptional roofing solutions for affordable prices. Their wide array of colors and styles, along with excellent customer service make it a favorite amongst homeowners.



GAF is probably one of the most popular shingle roofing brands in the US, and its architecturally stylish and high-quality shingles make it easy to see why.

GAF Timberline shingles are one of the leading roofing products on the market today. The shingles add incredible curb appeal to all homes, no matter their design or architectural style; they’re an affordable roofing option and have a wind resistance rating of 130 mph.

Still not sure which shingle brand to choose? That’s why we’re here. Give Apal Roofing Company a call today to help you make the best decision for your home.

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