All roofs eventually deteriorate, and the process is usually sped up by an overexposure to severe weather conditions as well as a lack of regular maintenance. If your roofing system has been severely damaged, you run the risk of it collapsing – but don’t worry, there are usually signs that can help you detect when this might happen, so you have time to act before total disaster strikes.


These are some of the most important signs that you need to be on the lookout for:


A Sagging Roof

A sagging roof indicates that your roof and your home’s support structures are no longer doing their job of holding up the roof accurately and safely. This sagging may be caused by excess strain placed on your roof, such as heavy snow, too many layers of shingles on your roof, as well as water damage.


Cracks In The Walls and Ceiling

Cracks in your walls and ceiling are the first indication that you may soon have major roofing issues. If you don’t take care of these problems immediately, it can lead to a costly roof repair project for both your home’s interior and exterior. You’ll want to get on top of this as fast as possible before damages escalate even further.


Warped Door and Window Frames

If you’ve noticed that walking through your door frame or opening up a window is proving to be more difficult than usual, the problem may be your roof. A roof that’s on the verge of collapse will start to sag; this sagging will place a significant strain on your home’s supporting structures which will also cause your door frames to warp and your window frames to buckle.


Audible Warning Signs

Your roof will audibly let you know that it’s in a bit of trouble. You can hear significant creaks, cracks, and wails for the first few weeks before your roof finally collapses. Our advice? Investigate what those sounds are immediately so that you may have time to save your home from destruction.

If your roof starts to sag or has collapsed completely, please don’t hesitate to call Apal Roofing Company. Our highly trained roofers will see to it that your roof is repaired or replaced as efficiently as possible. Give Apal Roofing Company a call today!

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